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IPAG is listed as the 3rd best French business school in the Shanghai Ranking. The school is a non-profit organisation and has remained independent for over 50 years. Its unique governance model guarantees representation of different participants in school life on the Board of Directors.

Thanks to the school’s wide network including 134 partner universities all around the world, all IPAG students benefit from a compulsory international work experience and spend at least one year studying abroad.

IPAG Business School mission is : “To educate managers for fast changing worldwide environments and to produce quality research with national and international visibility”

IPAG Business School offers an entrepreneurial ecosystem based on teaching, research and valorization. These three pillars interact and provide complementarity between the business and academic ecosystems. The student is therefore immersed in an environment which is underpinned by scientific research and business practice.  Via this practical aspect, we propose weekend challenges as well as The Hackaton to the students in order to test their theoretical knowledge.  The implementation of the 360 ° strategy’ global prize, involving all students and professors ensures this continuity. For students wishing to embark on the entrepreneurial experience, an incubator called “The Engaged Incubator” is available. Coaches and mentors are available for the student entrepreneurs. The status of “student entrepreneur” has also been set up with PEPITE France. One of our school’s values is engagement reflected via student and professor involvement in social and solidarity projects. For example, the research chair “Engaged Entrepreneurship,” through ERASMUS + European projects, supports disadvantaged entrepreneurs such as prisoners and seniors. These projects feed the research output of the chair and serve as areas for scientific investigation. Moreover, the students are involved through their research essay in an entrepreneurship context at the end of the program dissertation. Finally, international workshops and conferences are organized every year, mobilizing renowned entrepreneurship researchers who promote and communicate our scientific commitment.

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