ICSB Womenpreneurs (WE)

Women Dare to pursue creative solutions for greater global impact

July 12-16th, 2021. Hybrid. Hosted in Paris, France.

WE is for womenpreneurs.

Over the past couple decades, we have seen a movement towards discussing female participation in entrepreneurship, not as an afterthought or a rarity, not as something just grown out of necessity, but as a choice! However, there are still many challenges and much work to do…

entrepreneurship is ready for equity, are you? 

  • Sign up to mentor young Womenpreneurs from around the world. 
  • Share your expertise with a network of women who are passionate about seeing other women succeed.
  • Participate in ICSB World Congress session and networking events.
  • For Womenpreneurs who are ready to design their brand, build their company, and grow to success.
  • Real and intimate networking events with successful womenpreneurs.
  • Learn from Womenpreneur leaders to start your career on the best foundation possible.
  • Share your expertise with a group of women who are passionate about learning from and sharing with one another.
  • Speak about your successes and missteps with a larger audience to guide young Womenpreneurs.
  • Advertise your brand to a global network of women.
  • Are you ready to help the next generation of women solve the world’s most pressing issues?
  • Sponsor the ICSB WE program to allow more women to join together at the ICSB World Congress in Paris in July 2021. 
  • Be presented as a leading sponsor of women connecting, sharing with, learning from, and growing with other women.

Topics include:

Gendered organizations • Policy • Barriers • Language of entrepreneurship • Self-perceptions • Empowerment • Diversity among women • Strong entrepreneurial women in history

WE Speakers

Check out videos from our first WE event