ICSB Womenpreneurs (WE)

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BUILDa global network of women, ranging from budding entrepreneurs to experienced leaders.
LEARNfrom award-winning speakers how to produce solutions to environmental and social challenges.
DISCUSSissues that affect female entrepreneurs, including challenges in fundraising, overcoming imposter syndrome, and finding the ideal work-life balance.
ENOYall that Paris has to offer, whether in-person or virtually, through special tours and events.

What WE can do:

WE are on a mission to support and equip women entrepreneurs and educators with the tools and experience necessary to become successful leaders, no matter what level of career they’re currently in.

WE have a vision that everyone involved in the ICSB World Congress is inspired by this week, connects with lifelong contacts, and walks away with a new energy to grow their careers and change the world.

Offering access to leading womenpreneurs and other entrepreneurship experts from around the world. The ICSB WE program runs in tandem with the ICSB Marketplace and Research events, which allows you access to ALL of these events throughout the entire week.

Who WE support:

For ICSB members and other veteran businesswomen, academics, & policy makers.

If you are an experienced woman in business, an academic, or a policymaker and you are already planning on attending another track at ICSB Congress, consider joining us at WE Advance. We’ll be providing a space for women to attend workshops, network with like-minded individuals, and develop further business skills.

A finalized schedule will be available soon, but some of the proposed workshops include topics on financing to generate values, embracing change for better business growth, and developing women entrepreneurs as drivers of economic growth.
For women new to ICSB and/or entrepreneurism as well as for people in transition (small business owners that want to grow, women interested in starting a business, or women interested in transitioning to an SDG-oriented business).

Designed for early career businesswomen and those interested in becoming an entrepreneur, WE Grow is the perfect opportunity to learn more about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), develop a business plan, and network with those who have similar interests in this world. Over the course of the week, SDG-focused workshops will teach WE Grow attendees the tools needed to create a business plan and how to grow their businesses through a model that incorporates Dream, Design, Build, Grow, Live, and Share.

Women from the WE Advance track will also be available to provide mentorship and support.

*Please note the online global pass will provide you access to all online WE events along with other ICSB World Congress events.

Session Topics include:


  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • Being Brave—Accepting Your Imperfections
  • Women Moving the Needle on SDGs
  • Female Leadership
  • Financing Women
  • Entrepreneurs to Generate Financial, Cultural, and Social Values
  • How to Rebuild a Business
  • Accepting Difficult Truths—Challenging the Underlying Premise of Decision Making
  • Strong entrepreneurial women in history
  • How to Expand a business overseas
  • Seasoned company interactions with Startups
  • Pivoting toward a sustainable world
  • How to Develop your entrepreneurial mindset
  • Defining your own success
  • Humane Entrepreneurial Guide for the Workplace
  • Critical Thinking Skills for Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Personal Branding
  • Performing Your Pitch
  • Social Entrepreneurism for Women—A New Perspective
  • The New Economy
  • Equity—The Token Female
  • Embracing Change



  • Future of Business Survey and their Global State of Small Business Report
  • SDGs—Gamechanger for Joing Work in International Development Co-operation
  • Female Leadership
  • Emerging Opportunities in the Green Economy
  • How to Get a Paper Published
  • Digital Innovation
  • Five Practical Theories: Research Even an Entrepreneur Could Love
  • Balancing Life, Home, Career, and Community
  • Narrowing the Gap between Practitioners and Research

WE Speakers