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June 29-July 3, 2021 ~ ONLINE


It takes pure passion, multiple attempts, a lot of grit, and a long-term commitment. The art of starting a business requires entrepreneurs to be on their toes most of the time, shuttling between customers – current, prospective, business partners, business operations, and more.
The International Council for Small Business (ICSB) is launching an ICSB Academy Executive Edition that will only be delivered online.
Entrepreneurs are the economy’s heroes.
Policymakers view startups and small businesses from Main Street to Silicon Valley as engines of innovation, economic growth, and overall prosperity.
If you’re wondering whether to invest time and effort into starting your own business—or if you’re creating and finding the learning curve steeper than you expected—you may wonder it worth all this hard work? Or is it hype?
Here are some reasons we think entrepreneurs and their work are so valuable, whether their businesses are large or small.
  •       Entrepreneurship offers novel solutions to customer problems;
  •       Entrepreneurship makes communities grow and thrive;
  •       Entrepreneurship is the engine for new jobs;
  •       Entrepreneurship can drive society-wide improvements.

ICSB Academy Executive Edition – Online Only.

Executive Edition brings leaders from multiple organizations together for in-person online learning, exploration, and development with a select cohort of ICSB Executive Academy participants. Our program is designed for specific tenures, including high-impact budding entrepreneurs and emerging leaders. We combine the best of ICSB and external experts from industry and academia to share cutting-edge insights and tools. To ensure high-impact learning, this is by application and by invitation only.


 Learning Pillars Covered:

I. Transformational Leadership

Build the ability in yourself and your team to persevere and thrive when faced with complex challenges. Understand how to foster a climate of empathy, breakthrough innovation, and creativity.

II.  Glocal Strategy

Immerse in the details but with an eye to global opportunities. Design Think your strategy with a Glocal (Global and Local) integration that directly impacts your industry and organization. Leverage your understanding of how knowledge management and data analytics can be leveraged for business intelligence.

III. Flawless Execution

Execution done right is a disciplined process, a logical set of activities by an organization to make a strategy work. Without a deliberate, choreographed approach to execution, strategic goals cannot be attained. The art of management is displayed in flawless execution.

ICSB Academy Executive Edition 2021 Program

May 1 to May 31, 2021Application Portal Accepted
June 10, 2021Letters of Acceptance Sent
June 20, 2021Online Survey for the Herman Brain Dominance Index (HBDI) Survey Due
June 29, 2021Day 1: Know thyself
June 30, 2021Day 2: Transformational Leadership
July 1, 2021Day 3: Glocal Strategy
July 2, 2021Day 4: Flawless Execution
July 3, 2021Presentation on Design Thinking Your Career.
Cost:$500/person Certificate, Includes: 1 year-ICSB membership HBDI survey. 1 year of mentor with ICSB.

ICSB ACADEMY CUP: Entrepreneurship 2021—Getting started in a new world

July 11-16, 2021 ~ Paris, France

Let's invent the future together.

The International Council for Small Business (ICSB), IPAG Business School and ESSCA School of Management are excited to invite you to its 6th annual ICSB Academy in Paris. The successful bootcamp brings students from around the world for an intensive, week-long experience that will challenge, stimulate, and build entrepreneurial skills. Based on the philosophy that organizations, including businesses, exist to meet the needs of our communities and society, the Academy will emphasize the triple bottom line: profit, people, and planet, and it will be grounded on the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals.
  • Paris is at the center of a technological and entrepreneurial movement, and France is considered one of the most interesting destinations in Europe for start-ups. This year, the ICSB Academy will allow participants to discover the French entrepreneurial ecosystem including visits to OECD and Station F, the biggest incubator in the world.
  • This July, you will be able to discuss with policy makers, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and a leading faculty, to find the answers to the challenges of tomorrow’s society. You will find inspiration at the discussions, as it was at the Belle Epoque, when technological, scientific, and cultural innovations emerged in Paris and the arts flourished.

This year, all teams will be competing for the ICSB Academy Cup.

Academy participants will be forming teams and be assigned a mentor to form a formidable team. The teams will then prepare a business pitch to be judged by an independent judging panel on Friday, July 16th. The winning team will receive a prestigious ICSB Cup and join the ICSB Gala for a celebration.

Throughout the week, teams will be attending workshops, visiting incredible partners, and working exclusively with a team mentor. This is a high-tense Win-All environment and with many fantastic learning moments and creating friendships for a lifetime!

Are You Ready to Join the ICSB ACADEMY CUP!


GLOBAL DRAGONS – Mentor: Dr. Ayman ElTarabishy

WORLD BADGERS – Mentor: Dr. Winslow Sargeant


MIGHTY PIRATES – Mentor: Dr. Katia Passerini

More teams announced soon.


Academy Objectives

Academy Approach

ICSB Academy Cup 2021 Program

Sunday - July 11, 2021Welcome
Monday - July 12, 2021Start-Up Ideation
Tuesday - July 13, 2021Thinking Business
Wednesday - July 15, 2021Bastille Day
Thursday - July 15, 2021Meeting the Experts
Friday - July 16, 2021Pitching Your Project
Meet your host—ESSCA School of Management

On the Seine river, in Boulogne Billancourt, ESSCA proposes to host the students of the Academy in two amphiteatres of 250 people capacity and several rooms for group work

Academy Program Director—María Fernanda Andrés

María Fernanda Andrés is the director of Negocios de ACELERADORA LITORAL. Professor at the National University of the Litoral and National University of Rafaela of Argentina.
President of the International Council for Small Business, Argentine
subsidiary (2018-2019).



Academy Program Director—Rita Grant

Dr. Hartmut-Heinrich Meyer is a professor of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at FOM, Germany.

Academy Program Director—Rita Grant

Rita Grant is the Director of the School of Accounting at the Seidman
College of Business at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids,
Michigan. Her teaching interests include Intermediate Accounting and
International Accounting. Her research interests include harmonization,
family business and financial disclosure issues. She is a member of the
American Accounting Association and AAA sections APLG,FAR and TLC. She is an executive board member of the International Council for
Small Business.

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