Adapting the Flow of Business to Create a More Humane World

Early Entrepreneurs including individuals and teams in their first steps of creating a company or product/service.

  • Support on idea refinement
  • Mentorship & networking abilities
  • A community of entrepreneurs and supporters
  • Preparation for building properly

In designing your next venture, be that from the very beginning or the end of the ideation stage, it is essential that you understand your future enterprise’s capacity to be innovative. Through the creative process, designing a business of the future will capture the spirit of frugal innovation, in which you will focus on doing and providing more with less resource inputs.


In the ideation stage, individuals and teams need support on the refinement of their ideas, mentorship, and networking abilities with other entrepreneurs and supporters. Once your ideas are fully and clearly developed and your value propositions have been defined, you will move to the build stage.