ICSB is proud to announce a new global initiative to fulfill our mission of continuing management education with the goal to promote entrepreneurship. Our program is called ICSB Global and it constitutes of state-of-the-art certificate programs. We are proud to announce the launch of the ICSB Global Certificate Program on Creativity and Innovation.

Years ago, creativity and innovation were mainly associated with art, entertainment or recreation, and only in very particular cases, it was related to the world of organizations. However, this has changed. Currently, innovation and in particular, creativity, is considered fundamental in different areas. This can be seen in a report about the future of work published by the World Economic Forum in 2016, where creativity is among the three most important skills required for 2020. This presents a serious demand that organizations have to be innovative for their own competitiveness in a global context. Furthermore, they have to create new products and services to stay relevant. Innovation is decisive with respect to the levels of competitiveness in companies, sectors and also in the economy of the countries. In today’s business, executives and organizations must carry forward professional innovation management in their particular context. In other words, each organization or entrepreneur must model their businesses in a unique combination that allows them to detect opportunities for innovation and successful execution capabilities.

ICSB Global Program incorporates ICSB partners that include The George Washington University, St. John’s University, UC Berkley, San Diego State, UMKC, United Arab Emirates, Qatar University, Salerno University, Catholic University and others representing a global constellation of experts.

The ICSB Global Creativity and Innovation Program now offer a unique in- person and online educational hybrid instruction model where participants can join in-person at different ICSB dedicated events. Alternatively, participants can take all the modules online. Finally, participants can join in-person some sessions and then complete the remainder online.

Each ICSB Global certificate requires you complete three (3) mandatory modules followed by two (2) elective modules from the many provided. The ICSB Global certificate offers an invaluable experience of being able to interact with participants from across the globe and from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge. ICSB brings over 60 years of knowledge to this certificate program.

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Module One – Think as an artist: Creativity for the design of effective products and service

The objective of this module is to present an actionable approach to the design of “beautiful” products and services. Why beauty? Because recent and breakthrough findings in Cognitive science about how the mind perceive complexity show that the pursuit of beauty is the way our brain understand the world and make decisions opting for the most elegant solution. In this module we will use visual art and neuroscience to show how artists achieve elegance and translate this into a set of eight strategies that can be used to improve design and enhance creativity.


Module Two – Creativity and design thinking: How to design effective organizations

A visual, design thinking approach is applied in this module to the design of effective organizations as well. A new venture is an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model (Ries, 2013). Using visual tools to design and simulate business models, in this workshop participants will learn how visual thinking and simplicity can help in the design of lean as well as effective ventures:


Module Three – Where do good ideas come from?

This online module will present a review of the most well known theories about sources of innovation: where do good ideas come from? Can innovation be designed? Which are the characteristics of highly innovative systems and how can we replicate them and apply to our business idea? Theories will be presented through successful cases and examples from the real world based on 4 types of innovation sources:

Module Four – Customer discovery

The design of a new venture is very far from the linear, rational, and top down business planning approach. It is instead a learning path constellated with failures as well as with valuable learning opportunities. The Lean start-up approach in the design of new ventures puts at its center the art of customer discovery. Customer discovery implies an agile mindset based on continuous experimentation, feedback, and painstaking revision of the initial idea. In this module we present a structured approach to customer discovery and offer tools to support all its fundamentals steps: engaging users in the idea development, fast prototyping, testing ideas, refining and retesting.

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ICSB Global Program Director: Dr. Tony Mendes (email: mendesa@umkc.edu)
ICSB Global Program Assistant: Ms. Jordyn Murphy (email: jordyn@icsb.org) or tel: 202-994-0704
ICSB Executive Director: Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy (email: aymanelt@icsb.org) or tel: 202-468-3133