Adapting the Flow of Business to Create a More Humane World

Prestart-ups and Start-ups that have formed a company or have a product/service to sell and are now looking to professionalize their companies and seek early seed funding.

  • Review the fundamentals, including CBKs
  • Understand the entrepreneurial demand of the enterprise/organization 
  • Build framework to more appropriately and effectively manage humane resources and leadership practices
  • Build a culture that expands to create greater wealth

Building an enterprise in and for the future means creating an entity that looks to do more than produce a product or implement your design. Today, we must look at enterprises as equitable and resilient structures that are create sustainable profit for the company, its customers, the community, and the ecosystem. This company must center itself in the practices of humane entrepreneurship, in order to create real and lasting patterns of change.

To be a successful and resilient organization, we must review the fundamentals which include CBKs (common body of knowledge) and then take a step further so that an enterprise can fully understand the entrepreneurial demand of their humane enterprise as well as those demands in human resource management and leadership. In working to build a culture of humane entrepreneurship, you will find your company expanding and creating greater wealth.


In the early stages of building, while finalizing teams, areas of operation, and seeking funds initially, your enterprise will demand opportunities for early clients, visibility to showcase products and services, and networking ability with other entrepreneurs and supports. Once these steps are established, you can more to growing your enterprise.