The categories for best paper and recognition awards from 2019 Congress are below. Check back for the latest for 2020.

All papers submitted will be automatically entered into these categories. The awards carry various recognition and will be presented during the congress and the signature gala event.

Award Number One: The Best Paper for Journal of Small Business Management (JSBM)

Award Number Two: The Best Humane Entrepreneurship Paper

Award Number Three: The Best High Growth Women’s Entrepreneurship Paper

Award Number Four: The Best Youth Entrepreneurship Paper

Award Number Five: The Best Paper from North and South America

Award Number Six: The Best Paper from Europe

Award Number Seven: The Best Paper from Middle East & Africa

Award Number Eight: The Best Paper from Asia

Award Number Nine: The Best Paper from Australia and New Zealand

Award Number Ten: The Best Paper from the Caribbean

Award Number Eleven: The Best Paper on Micro-, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises and SDGs

Award Number Twelve: The Best Policy Paper Award

Award Number Thirteen: The Kai Yang Award

Award Number Fourteen: The Brian Gibson Practitioner Award

Award Number Fifteen: The Erik K. Winslow Best Doctoral Paper Award

Award Number Sixteen: The Lillian Dreyer Advocate Award

Award Number Seventeen: The Kitty Hawk Best Experiential Education Exercise Award

Award Number Eighteen: ICSB Global Awards in Entrepreneurship Education Excellence