ICSB World Congress in Paris, France

July 11th-16th, 2021

A global event that brings together ALL small business and entrepreneurship stakeholders to advance research, support enterprises, and advance a global network.


How will you be coming to
the icsb world congress?

ICSB Marketplace

Design - Build - Grow

Supporting small businesses and start-ups through training, networking, and funding so that they can build and grow to their fullest potential.

Our Marketplace welcomes all business owners, researchers, investors, and other ecosystem stakeholders to convene and support one another.

ICSB Womenpreneurs

Grow & Advance Together

WE are on a mission to support and equip women entrepreneurs and educators with the tools and experience necessary to become successful leaders, no matter what level of career they’re currently in.

WE have a vision that everyone involved in the ICSB World Congress is inspired by this week, connects with lifelong contacts, and walks away with a new energy to grow their careers and change the world.

ICSB Academy

Let's invent the future together

The successful bootcamp brings students from around the world for an intensive, week-long experience that will challenge, stimulate, and build entrepreneurial skills.

Based on the philosophy that organizations, including businesses, exist to meet the needs of our communities and society, the Academy will emphasize the triple bottom line: profit, people, and planet, and it will be grounded on the United Nations 17 sustainable development goals.

Call for Papers

Research with impact

Join leading researchers and academics from around the world as we confront the world's most pressing challenges to find opportunities for small business growth and entrepreneurial prosperity.

Welcome to the 2021 icsb world congress