Sneak Peak at Call for Papers

We aren’t just excited about the future; we want to celebrate the past. A past that has brought world-changing achievements through innovative entrepreneurship. We are inspired by a momentous event held in turn of the century Paris, amidst the second industrial revolution. That event, the 1900 L’Expedition Universelle, proved to be a tremendous force for learning and unification. Its importance and success were so significant to that present and for the future, that that we’ve been inspired to host an equally exciting event.

In July 2020, Paris will again be host to a celebration of entrepreneurship and SME advancements of the past. More importantly, 2020’s L’Expedition Universelle of Entrepreneurship is to become a springboard for launching entrepreneurship and SME development into a new era.

Those who attend can expect a variety of valuable learning forums that are of general interest to all attendees as well as specialized programs that zero in on specific areas of expertise. For example, those who are involved writing of teaching case studies will truly appreciate how their critical thinking will be developed and honed through discussions of based entirely on real life cases and business situations. Round tables will be the setting for sharing and discussing the experiences of those who are actively involved in running innovative practices at universities and firms. Relevant interactive workshops whose themes will be proposed by delegates themselves, are highly beneficial programs geared towards having the maximum impact on the academic, professional, and business development of attendees. Those in more specific niches like emerging entrepreneurship scholars who are working full time towards their doctorate will benefit from the Doctoral Consortium’s focus on research and pedagogical issues.

We like to think of this event as about everyone, and part of all the progressive entrepreneurship and SME advancement belongs to all of us. That is why we call on each of you, a call to arms to be a part of this monumental progression. We enthusiastically invite submissions in the form of:

  1. Competitive papers
  2. Workshop topics
  3. Teaching cases
  4. Experiences
  5. Research questions, proposals, and conclusions for the Doctoral Consortium

If you should decide to answer this call, please refer to ICSB’s Paris 2020 website for topics, how to submit, specific guidelines, and deadline information. We eagerly await to hear your expert insights and hope to see you all in Paris.