Policy Makers & Influencers

Policy Makers & Influencers

COVID-19 has placed unprecedented pressures on policy makers. The current crisis matched with the potential future crisis pushes leaders and policy initiators into a very difficult situation. Some policymakers have led their constituents bravely through this moment in history, ensuring that people-first measures have been taken to guarantee their safety and security.

The ICSB Marketplace welcomes all policy makers to come and share their knowledge with the greater ICSB community. We will discuss the many-faceted aspects of entrepreneurship policy, while discussing how to create a more accessible entrepreneurial ecosystem. Policy makers will also have the unbelievable opportunity to present to and hear from small businesses and leading researchers to help them gain key insights so that they can create even more informed policies in the future.

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Given the pandemic and economic crisis affecting the global community, this 2020 MSMEs Day stands out from those in the past. As the pre-existing conditions, which have created dis-ease within the world and for many MSMes, have become ever more announced, we see more clearly the importance of creating action to achieve fair, just, and green economies within our national and international markets. This will simultaneously aid MSMEs to better succeed while promoting the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In creating positive cycles of growth that are centered around uplifting the human person and providing vulnerable populations with opportunity, we will create a world worthy of the incredible people whom it houses.

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