ICSB-Funded Teams

Our first-ever Funding Competition was hosted by the ICSB Marketplace throughout the month of February. This opportunity was for teams made up of students and alumni from accredited universities who were seeking funding for their start-ups. Start-ups were judged based on the strength of the Customer Value Proposition (CVP) provided as well as supporting documentation that demonstrates the viability of the venture.

Meet the Teams

Atlas Ink

About the company.


My India, A Journey of Discovery is a story written for children of Indian descent who live abroad and would like to learn about their identity. A hidden twist reveals that only your inner self knows the truth where you belong, to learn and cherish your origins. It takes a reader through Indian culture, dance, tradition, food, language, meaning of life and history. It is a full turn to find your own
homeland through a quest you set for yourself and your community.

About the entrepreneur.

Olivera Jankovska

  • Originally from Macedonia
  • Works as Community Engagement Associate at UNICEF USA
  • Serves as the UNA’s Global Ambassador & Sister Cities Houston Board
  • An award winning community activist & a champion for children’s rights
  • A Sporano at the International Voices of Houston
  • Recipient of the U.S. President’s Volunteer Award
  • Her son is her biggest inspiration

Sa'akom Farms

About the company.

Sa’akom Farms aims to drive economic development in Cambodia by providing impoverished farmers with a living-wage and education, enabled through innovative agricultural technologies.

About the entrepreneur.

Calista Amrell

Calista Amrell is a Political Science and Economics student, and has experience working as a data analyst for model risk management at Cambodian banks. She leads Sa’akom’s internal operations and strategic planning.


Lucas Vining

Lucas Vining is a Cambodian-born student-entrepreneur, and created Sa’akom to give back to the country he is from. Lucas has extensive experience working with startups, and as President of Sa’akom he coordinates both long-term and short-term projects to further the mission of the organization.

Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown, studying International Affairs and Economics, has held multiple positions at firms focused on international aid and developing economies. Using her experience working at nonprofits in developing nations, Rachel leads Sa’akom’s international development efforts.

Steminist Squad

About the company.

Steminist Squad is a place for women to connect, network, and learn things you can’t learn in the classroom. We offer real life stories, mentoring, webinars, and an amazing online community of like-minded women.

Mission: To help prepare women entering the industry or help guide them while in the industry.

About the entrepreneur.

Talia Tomarchio

President and Founder of Steminist Squad. I am a Senior Computer Science major Neuroscience minor at Rowan University. During the pandemic, I felt disconnected and isolated in my studies. Assuming other girls felt the same, I created Steminist Squad! This community aims to give all young women the opportunity to become successful and supported in their STEM journey.

Stepz of Faith

About the company.

SOF provides a practical way for us to literally walk in the word of God. This faith-based shoe line is currently focused on the flip flop market.


The engraved scriptures on our shoes remind us that we walk by faith and not by sight. The engraved scriptures focus on verses specifically referencing our foot steps. There are 102 scriptures in the Bible that pertain to walking.

About the entrepreneur.

Faith Camp

Founder of Stepz of Faith.

Stepz of Faith’s mission is to show it is always there to let your loved ones know you care.

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