About Us

The mission of SoulBites is to be the “Future of Tradition ” by celebrating the rich heritage of Black culture, creating an experience that honors southern cuisine and hospitality and contributing to the empowerment of the Black community through the serving of our contemporary soul food.

SoulBites will deliver value to its customers in the following categories as a means to differentiate itself from its competitors and create a competitive advantage:

Product – SoulBites would have menu offerings that would allow customers to enjoy soul food with a modern-day twist served in smaller bites/portions, which differs for how my competitors serve their food. We also hope to acquire a liquor license to be able to offer alcoholic beverages, which only one of my competitors possess. If permitted, we would be the first food truck in the Bronx to sell alcoholic beverages to the public.

Customer Experience – Our goal would be to ensure that along with receiving exceptional food, customers would also receive service just as exceptional and is reflective of what is known as southern hospitality. The communication that some food trucks and restaurants initiate and respond to are one-directional and fail to drive value like many of our competitors. Our strategy would be to engage with our customers by being interactive with them through actions such as having a friendly conversation or suggesting menu items to people who may be new to our brand.

Community Impact – We would make a commitment to put “soul” back into our community by not only employing minority men and women, but also create partnerships that aid in the empowerment and advancement of African-Americans. We would highlight a charity, organization, or community program that is putting in the work to enhance our community and its members and make a donation. For example, if permitted to receive a liquor license, we would commit to donating 10% of the revenue we receive from each alcoholic beverage purchase to an organization within the Bronx community that is helping to advance people of color.

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Contact: La Green


Stage: Design

Profit / Non Profit: For Profit