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About Us

Sa’akom Farms is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the alleviation of poverty in Cambodia through the implementation of innovative, vertical hydroponic farming. By modernizing the agriculture industry in Cambodia with more efficient farming technologies, we help local farmers earn livable wages and empower them to improve their livelihoods.

Our pilot farm located in Siem Reap, Cambodia is now fully constructed and will begin producing revenue throughout the next month, serving as a proof of concept for the continued expansion of our farms and hiring of more farmers. All profits made from the sale of our produce will be used to insure that our farmers are paid a livable wage, nearly 4x that of the average wage of agricultural workers in Cambodia, and reinvested into the expansion of our operations in order to positively impact the lives of more rural Cambodians living close to poverty.

Sa’akom was co-founded by Carter Pew and Lucas Vining, a Cambodian-American. Lucas now works as a board member at Sa’akom, with experience working with a Southeast Asian Venture Capital Firm. Carter has used his experience working with startups concerned with economic development and finance to develop Sa’akom’s sustainable nonprofit business model. Calista Amrell, with a background in data analytics working in model risk management specifically for Cambodian client banks, aids with the internal operations of Sa’akom. Rachel Brown uses her past experience working with multiple organizations focused on international aid and developing economies to drive Sa’akom’s international development efforts. Allison Miller has worked as a social media and communications intern at both 501(c)(3)s and for-profit enterprises, and leads the fundraising and marketing efforts behind Sa’akom.

In Cambodia is our first farm operator, Chanratana Ung. Chanratana has over a decade of experience working with local NGOs in the implementation of development projects, and has been instrumental in the construction of our pilot farm and connecting us to local farmers. Sa’akom Farms also benefits from the expertise of its professional advisors including Guillaume Virag, the CEO of the Cambodian agriculture and trade company, Project Alba, and Scott Stein, a social entrepreneur, social impact director, and UX designer with more than a decade of experience and achievement with strategic management, product and service innovation, fund development, and marketing in the social enterprise, political, for-profit, and nonprofit sectors.

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