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In a world where small businesses are struggling to cope with the financial effects of COVID-19, Right Price is a service that helps local companies find optimal prices so that they can increase revenue, attract more customers and optimize their profit margins.

Our price optimization tools use mathematical models that calculate how demand varies at different price levels in local economies. Right Price accomplishes this by surveying and gathering information from hundreds of potential customers in the nearby community. Based on competitor analysis, willingness to pay and factors such as race, sex and age, we then build linear regression models that indicate which price points capture the most amount of revenue. From there, we are also able to determine the company’s highest paying customers, letting them know who to target in their advertisements.

Right Price’s mission is to serve small business owners by providing them with the same price optimization tools that the Fortune 500 companies are already using. Right Price takes care of the messy data, complex algorithms and calculus so that business owners can focus on what they’re best at — keeping customers satisfied.

Here is our team:

Right Price is led by Plato Bougas, as founder and CEO. Mr. Bougas worked in the restaurant industry for four years and has studied both pricing strategy and revenue optimization at the Marshall School of Business. His experience at investment banks has provided him with a healthy understanding of the financing process. Meanwhile, his work within the Financial Terrorism Department of the U.S. DOJ has given him a solid understanding of the laws surrounding corporations.

As Co-founder, Alexis Lee is responsible for data quality control and design. Miss Lee is a business administration major at USC’s Marshall School of Business and has experience in Excel, statistics and print/broadcast journalism. Working in media taught Alexis the importance of marketing and what it takes to reach audiences with advertising. Her combination of technical and interpersonal skills will prove pivotal in the oversight of data and management of future employees.

Like his fellow co-founders, Jun Matsuo is studying business administration at the University of Southern California. An aspiring entrepreneur, Mr. Matsuo has built many e-commerce businesses and served as the creative director of social media for several companies. His strengths lie in innovation, manufacturing, product launch and growth development.

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