About Us

Pyre is the worlds first unified, social streaming platform. We aggregate the shows and movies that you currently watch on all of your streaming services into a single hub. This means you have a single ‘Continue watching’ section with last shows you watched on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, etc. Right underneath that is the ‘Recommended by your friends’ section with the content that your friends think you would love. We also make it incredibly easy to watch socially, with the ability to start a watch party and invite your friends in 2 clicks. Our biggest differentiator from the competition will be the ability to watch content live with influencers (like Twitch, but with TV & movies) on any service, not just Prime Video.

We also add a ton of other features like a standard UI/UX on all services, Skip Intro on any service, Spotify integration so you can instantly find the song that’s playing in the show, and custom subtitles to support any language the community wants. Soon, everyone will be using Pyre to stream because it simply is the best experience.

Our goal is to turn watching content from an individual experience to a social one that you can have with anyone in the world. The increased connectivity is what we hope will create partnerships that will foster the other 16 sustainable development goals. We also plan to increase the visibility of great educational content that exists on these services . Currently, many of these programs are never shown to users who would benefit greatly from this content because it does not align with what the recommendation algorithms think their viewing preferences are. Our goal is not to maximize the amount of time users spend on streaming services; instead, we will deliver them well-produced eye-opening content (that they already pay for) and make it easy to watch with their friends or favorite personalities.

We are currently a team of two Alumni from Northeastern University. I am the CEO and am working full-time on this venture and my co-founder John is working with me part-time throughout the week and full-time on weekends.

We recently sent out a job posting to undergraduate and graduate CS students at our university and are expect to bring out team to 4-5 people by the end of this month.


Contact: Kris Brethower


Stage: Build

Profit / Non Profit: For Profit