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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, urban runoff is the leading source of pollutants causing water quality impairment related to human activities in ocean shoreline waters. While it is known that pollution ultimately harms the ocean, many people do not understand how little is being done to universally solve this problem. Current Stormwater Management solutions are energy intensive, high maintenance, non-universal, not cost effective, dangerous, and also pose a public safety hazard.

Kai Pono Solutions is a Stormwater Management product that uses a Water Filtration Subsystem to actively filter out insecticides, nutrients, sediments, metals, bacteria and polyaromatic hydrocarbons from stormwater before it flows out through a storm drain and contaminates a waterway. We aim to integrate sustainable stormwater filtration processes among cities and communities with the vision of a healthier future for our environment.

Kai Pono provides a cookie cutter solution for any size of storm drain. The innovative, permanent and simplistic design of Kai Pono allows the product to be used in multiple areas of a property while achieving the overarching goal of meeting regulations and saving the ocean. Data is also tracked through an IOT device to provide information on runoff conditions to consumers to check for accuracy and maintenance in our filters.

Kai Pono Solutions is currently in the prototyping phase, and plans to secure a Pilot Program in June of 2021 after all applicable tests have been completed on the physical design (accuracy, computational fluid dynamics)

Kai Pono will create a whole new industry while expanding employment opportunities. These employment opportunities will expand in the industries of fabrication, construction, engineering, maintenance and administrative roles. Kai Pono Solutions has future goals and aspirations to partner with a local non-profit organization in San Diego, titled Father Joes in order to help homeless individuals get back on their feet through employment.

The cost effectiveness of Kai Pono will allow new developments to easily adopt the product, while older existing developments are able to easily transition into the market. We value the expansion of new infrastructure projects while focusing on protecting the environment and taking a stand towards climate change.

Flood Proof & Safe: Kai Pono Solutions realizes the value of our safe for public, flood proof design, which never blocks a storm drain inlet and allows stormwater to pass through freely and uninterrupted. Our design sits right in a curb and gutter line, and is nearly invisible. Kai Pono Solutions blends in with the street or sidewalk and eliminates clutter bunched around current solutions which allows pedestrians, bike riders, and even vehicles to pass over without injury.

Effective & Durable: Kai Pono Solutions is permanent and universal which allows water to be successfully filtered over and over again without the use of a power source or pump (which usually become faulty). Kai Pono Solutions operates entirely gravity fed with a simplistic filtration process. Our use of Carbon and Oil filters ensures that most contaminants have the ability to be

Kai Pono Solutions is able to produce and sell our product at a fraction of the cost of our direct competitor. Our direct competitor, also known as a permanent underground BMP, can cost anywhere from 100k-150k a piece, and land developers often use anywhere from 10-15 on ONE property, resulting in around a 1.5 million dollar solution overall. Kai Pono Solutions hopes to produce at a cost of 5k-10k and be able to sell at 15k-20k a piece.



Contact: Navy McKee

Email: navy@kaiponosolutions.com

Stage: Design

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