Fluxxio, Inc.

About Us

Fluxxio, Inc. is a United States C corporation founded in late 2019 by two university students seeking to make sustainable initiatives more friendly to the industrial wallet. In our founding year, we set out on a path to figure out why work-in-process waste is so costly for industrial manufacturers and utility plants. We quickly came to realize that regulations and incremental line improvements simply weren’t improving the bottom line. In order to turn over heftier revenue margins while boosting line efficiency, we’ve developed a streamlined technical approach to cutting ties with unnecessary errors at the earliest system phase — monitoring. Upon further exploration, we also realized how frequent and costly hydraulic fatigue can be in the world’s highest-performing nuclear power plants and offshore oil rigs. Our product line reduces this frequency and tackles this cost head-on through preventative monitoring and live flow economization. Fluxxio is developing the world’s first fully modular, configurable, small form factor material flow efficiency monitoring device which quantifies problems in accurate dollars, titled ‘Beluga 1.0’. Unlike our big-name competitors, Beluga’s install time is within the hour, is closed-circuit reliable, and is affordable for even the mom-and-pop factory. Our Controllio application plans to deliver lightning-fast econometrics reports, line efficiency plots, and other key engineering metrics, packed in a user-friendly, intuitive desktop medium. Paired with mobile phone alerts, industrial manufacturers and power plants are saving by the millisecond.

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Contact: Nicolas Maciel

Email: nicolas@fluxxio.co

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