Daisies & Pancakes

About Us

Skates by Daisies & Pancakes is an experience representing the intersectionality of sneaker hype & skate life. Our designs are uniquely a skater and sneaker lover’s dream. I’ve combined the high-end sneaker with a roller skate set up. Skates start to become like shoes; you end up wanting several pairs of them to be stylish. Daisies & Pancakes skates are unique, one of a kind creations designed in collaboration with the client. Daisies & Pancakes encourages each customer’s input and decision making regarding their skates. This will ensure customer safety, satisfaction, and reduce product flaws. Daisies & Pancakes builds a long term relationship between the client and the skate community through repair, maintenance, skate-service reminders, skating tips, and community sponsored events.

United States


Contact: Brandi Allen

Email: daisiesandpancakes@gmail.com

Stage: Design

Profit / Non Profit: For Profit