About Us

Our team is the unique as we all believe knowledge should be shared to those who need it. We are 100% and uniquely qualified, with experience in consulting, human resources, freelance and labor law.
Andres, CEO, grew up in government-subsidized housing in Bogota, Colombia. He envision the idea as the way to reduce unequality by investing human capital. He owns a magna cum laude title from a Msc in management in entrepreneurship from Babson College and has experience in education consulting, circular economy and big data.
Daniel CTO, is a full stack developer that has developed several apps in NodeJS and angular and that pursues his masters degree in Machine learning.
Francisco Vasquez, Fullstack deveoper, with experiene in NodeJs and Angular.
Juan Camilo Rangel, Business administration and law, has experience research in legal private sector and labor law
David Lopez, former Mckinsey employee has turned out to the startup sector. He has experience in consulting.
Andres joya CEO msc babson college
Daniel gomez desarrollador full stack
Juan rangel abogado


Contact: Andres Mosquera


Stage: Build

Profit / Non Profit: For Profit